Want to make a living from baking and decorating?

Need to know more about running a business?

Ready to feel like your work is really worth it?

Awesome News:

You can TOTALLY do all of those!

Build Your Profitable Cake Business is the online class for anyone who has ever wanted to start, build and grow their own business – even if you have no business experience.

This is a supportive community of hundreds of women, making thousands of treats, learning to make money in their business so they can keep doing what they love.


Francesca Price
Kate Feakins
Smital Thakur
Kelly Ellison

About Your Mentor, Michelle Green:

I started my business illegally on my kitchen table – and ten years later, I sold my beautiful dream store front. I started, built it and sold it all while being a Mom to triplets, a wife, sister and friend.

I didn’t do it perfectly all the time, but I DID do it and I’m immensely proud of that achievement. Running my own business is in my blood – my parents did it too. I watched and learned as my parents managed a business and a family at the same time – but even that didn’t prepare me for actually doing it myself. Nothing prepared me for running my own business... in the beginning I thought it was all about being able to produce beautiful, yummy things.

Of course the product is super important, but I very quickly learned that I couldn’t just make it, I had to sell it! By far, the business skills I gained and learned while running my own business taught me so much about business, but also about myself and what I’m capable of.

In this course, I share with you all the things I learned – even the stuff which didn’t work, and the stuff I wish someone had told me earlier (I would have saved myself a whole lot of tears and money.) I want to be a mentor, a role model AND a friend to you as you discover just how much you totally CAN make this business work.

Michelle Green

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